Shrine Mountain Inn

Built in 1987 and located near Vail, Colorado, Shrine Mountain Inn is a wilderness retreat for hikers, snowshoers, skiers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders.

Shrine Mountain Inn consists of three rustic log cabins, each with fireplaces, electricity, running water and other amenities. Overlooking the heart of the Colorado Rockies, the huts offer guests a cozy romantic getaway in a unique backcountry setting.

Our Facilities
Sawatch Range

Visitor Guestbook

Over the years, visitors to Shrine Mountain Inn have left their comments and memories in our guest books. You’ll find a sampling below. We encourage you to share your experiences with us during your stay at the cabins.

"We were here for the dedication of this cabin (Chuck’s) and have re-visited it several times. Always surprised again by the comfort and beauty of the place. Thanks for all your love and hard work that makes it possible for us to get away and relax. It’s a white world up here!"

Dave and Tracie

"Every now and then you get to visit a place that somewhere down the road when times are tough, you can lean back and escape to in you mind. This is one of those places."

Laurie and Mike

"Equisite view and wonderful place. Definitely a paradise in the woods. We’d love to make this a yearly event."


"What a wonderful, cozy, warm clean cabin! We enjoyed the unique character of this place - from the outrageous wood stove, to the chairlift, and the flowers. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!"

Margi, Deb, Patti, and John

"Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. This is a real slice of heaven in the Rockies. We completely enjoyed it and plan to return. Please keep the character and ambiance the same - it would be difficult to improve."


"A lovely place to spend the rest of the year. This is how the world is supposed to be. Peaceful, sunny, snowy. Just what we needed."

Troy, Travis, Todd and Jennifer

"We came up here today to introduce our babies to the beauty of a "hut trip" Naomi (14 months), and Parker (5 months). This is a perfect place for families. After having been at many of the other huts, this one felt like a night at the Ritz. Imagine hot and cold running water and even a bathtub! What a luxury. Good food, great company, relaxing sauna, this is what I call "ruffing it with style!" The babies did really well. I feel so grateful to be part of a fortunate few who ever get to enjoy this kind of experience. We look forward to many more in our lifetime."

Beth, Kerry, Naomi, Sherri, Jeff, and Parker

"Thank you to Shrine Mountain Inn for a fun place to enjoy the beauties of the earth, relax, and forget about the cares of the world. We’ve got to come back!"

Carla, Kelly, April, Jill, and Teri

"Thank God for Chuck’s Hut! We’re here 6 years to the day. Woke up to 6" of new snow and we’re going back today. No one should ever let 6 years pass before doing this again! Thanks for providing this cozy shelter!"


"Great Huts! The indoor plumbing is unbelievable. Beautiful weather and great sauna. The Camp Robbers loved the Spaghetti that we couldn’t eat."

Mike and Karen

"Another wonderful Christmas party with family - our 4th year in doing so. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the ones who will enjoy this cabin as much as we do!!"

Sheika and Pepi

"This place is heaven on earth. Beautiful beyond one’s wildest imagination. Serenity seeps into one’s soul! A comfortable place to sleep and eat and visit in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Fantastic! Happy Trails to All."

John and Hanna

"Thanksgiving. How could anyone be anything but grateful in this place."

Dee Dee

"It was nice to arrive to such a nice cabin. We were expecting to have to rough it. Great to see... First came to the area in 1962... it was all like this."

Sarah, James, and John